Monday, August 22, 2016

Double Dutch and something New



It feels like I'm finally making progress again on these little blocks.
The pair above will make a total of 6 Dutch Treats completed so far for August.

I discovered a fabric collection at The Quilter's Studio in Fairfax, VA on Saturday that just drew me in to take a closer look. The line is called Foxtail Forest.
I haven't used my sewing machine very much the past 3 months.
That's about to change, at least for a couple days this week.

I love the colors and the childhood prints remind me of sweet, simple joys.
Looking forward to making this into a small couch quilt, perfect for a little Cutie to cuddle under this Fall.

Monday, August 15, 2016

2 Treat blocks for mid August



Today is also Mid Month show & tell day for the Botanical Album quilt sew along.
I love the diversity of these blocks each month!
Just look at these beautiful "Yellow Tulip" blocks.

You can see more of these beautiful blocks posted on the blog HERE!

every quilt tells a story...

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Summer Treats



Are you working on a Dutch Treat quilt?
There is a Dutch Treat facebook group found HERE.
Judy Garden (author and designer of the original quilt) is a member.
How awesome it would be to share your journey with her and others working on this quilt. Admirers are also welcome to join.

I was extremely saddened to learn of the passing of Mary Kucera Roberts LeClerc! known in blogland as "Quilting in Oz". Several years ago, Mary inspired and encouraged me to begin working on my Dutch Treat quilt. Mary created the Dutch Treat facebook group so others could share their work.
She was a prolific quilter with a kind and generous spirit. She will be greatly missed by many quilters, myself included.

I'm late to post my Lily block for the month of July but here she is:

And the block for August has just been announced on the sew along blog HERE.
The block is Yellow Tulip and this is my Red & Taupe version.

I've been putting all of the blocks into a grid to keep track of my progress.
Below are all the blocks that have been assigned to date:
(the colors look a bit more vibrant in person)

July was a blur... my sweet little grandson had surgery and was not able to continue with summer camp. So he's been spending the past few weeks with me at Camp Nana's house. He was such a brave boy before & after his operation to have his tonsils and adenoids removed. Thankfully, Nana knows the best place to go to cool a sore healing throat.


I wish you a Happy start to August!

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

A little behind.....



I've fallen a little behind on blogging the past couple of weeks.
Family life has just been filled with lots of big activities...
The most precious event was my little grandson's graduation from Nursery School.

On our final day in Colorado our group went to the Rocky Mountain Quilt Museum. We shared the day with our hostess Dawn Ronningen, Shona Halberstadt and Terry Pryke (who traveled all the way from South Africa)

The exhibit was:

I don't want to spoil the exhibit for those planning to attend, so for now I will just share 2 of my many favorite quilts. The first one was by Kay Haerland of New South Wales titled: A Different View

The detail in this quilt was truly amazing! 3 dimensional layering of fabric and embellishments made this so lifelike and drew you in for a closer look.

There were several fabulous hexagon quilts!
This one was the simplest in design, yet I loved this interpretation of the traditional Mosaic Diamond pattern.

Especially how the large floral prints were showcased in the center of some of the hexagon diamonds.

It was such a wonderful exhibit with many more beautiful and inspiring quilts!

The entire trip to Colorado was Awesome! I've taken away SO many fond memories of wonderful places and special friends.

every quilt tells a story....

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Farmer's Wife revisited....

ANN - her friends called her Little Irish Annie.

She wrote about being born ugly and growing up plain and homely.
Despite this she grew up happy and married well by being endowed with a good sense of humor and common sense.
I chose a conversation print with happy little frogs for this block. It's far from perfect, but I am happy with it just the same. (grin)

NAN - she lost her son at age 16.
"Blessed are they that mourn for they shall be comforted".

I changed the cross a bit and chose a shirting fabric with blue stars to represent the heavens. I am dedicating this block to my younger brother Daniel who passed away suddenly a year ago. He was a kind, charitable, loving man and is greatly missed by all that were blessed to have known him.

It's been a while since I've worked on blocks for my Farmer's Wife 1930's quilt. Honestly, I didn't like the rushed feeling of making 8 blocks each month.
I'd rather savor the stories and stitch each block with more purposeful sentiment.
After all, it isn't a race - but a journey to enjoy.

every quilt tells a story....

Friday, June 10, 2016

A Good Start



Above are the first 2 Dutch Treat blocks I've completed for June.

DAY TWO of my Colorado trip:
I traveled to CO from VA with a group of very special friends.
We had such a GREAT time together! Day 2 was all about site seeing.
(the girls are forming the letter M as seen on the mountain top behind them)

We took a trip to Garden of the Gods state park.

And we stopped at a quilt shop called the Golden Quilt Company.
I purchased a few half yards of shot cotton fabrics to make a Fall quilt.

So what do a bunch of creative quilting friends do after a long day of activities?
We kick off our shoes, gather together and stitch for the evening.

Such a happy way to end a good day!

every quilt tells a story....